13800 Dragline Dr. | Austin, Texas 78728 | (512) 670-2051
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Fees at The Door

Doors fees are due at time of entry.

Premier Events prices change from Event to Event. These Door Fees do not include membership dues. We are a private social club catering to couples, single ladies and a very select group of single gentlemen interested in the swinging lifestyle. Management limits the number of Single men allowed in the club on a given night. Single male entry is at the discretion of management.

Friday Night Couples $40

Saturday Night Couples $60

Friday Night Single Female Free

Sat Night Single Female $25

Friday Night Single Male: $75

Saturday Night Single Male $75

Membership Executive

This is the highest level of membership and has the following Perks.

No lines at the door for any event including Premier events, front of the line entry, you still must fill out a voucher, no assessment dues on any night including Premier Events, Table reservations and choice of table on any given night up till 11:00pm, no additional charge for premier mixers, energy drinks, Plush and Play VIP lounge and Private Play rooms. Down stairs the pink room is now reserved for Executive VIP members.

Gold Annual Couples $2,500.00

Gold Semi Annual Couples $1,750.00

Gold Annual Single Female $400.00

Gold Semi Annual Single Female $250.00

Gold Annual Single Male: $2,500.00

Gold Semi Annual Single Male $1,500.00

Single males can only guarantee thier entry into the club at any time and any event with the Executive Membership.

Membership Basic

This is the basic membership that is good for One Calendar Year. Each time that you come to the club, you present your PlayersATX Card along with your Photo ID, pay the nightly assessment dues and enjoy the night at the Club.

Annual Couples $120

Annual Single Female $50

Annual Single Male $250

Your Annual Membership fee includes that night's entry into the club, unless it is a Premier Party.

With an escorted referral, PlayersATX will deduct the Single Males Annual membership to $150.

On the night you pay your Annual Membership fee your entry fee into the club for that night is waived

Membership Weekend

Weekend membership is just that, it allows you to visit the club on that night or on that weekend only.

Weekend Couples $25

Weekend Single Female $10

Not available for Single Gentlemen

Weekend membership fees DO NOT include the door fee


Friday already a member Friday w/Temp Membership Friday w/Year Membership Saturday already a member Saturday w/Temp Membership Saturday w/Year Membership
Couple $40 $65 $120 $60 $85 $120
Female FREE $10 $50 $25 $35 $50
Male $75 N/A $250 $75 N/A $250

Entry Fees

Premier Events prices change from Event to Event. These Door Fees do not include membership dues.

Night Couples Single Females Single Male
Friday $40 free $75
Saturday $60 $25 $75