13800 Dragline Dr. | Austin, Texas 78728 | (512) 670-2051



As a Private Club, we reserve the right to refuse or revoke membership to anyone for any reason we deem necessary. We are a private social club catering to couples, single ladies and a very select group of single gentlemen interested in the swinging lifestyle.


The Ladies are our most precious commodities. They are the reason we all are here. So defer to their wishes and comfort level, let them set the tone of events and respect them at all times.


“NO” is a complete sentence here. It means NO. If you can’t understand that you will be escorted from the premises and you will forfeit your membership, user fees and will be banned from the club!


Discretion is the key here. Be discreet at all times and respect the privacy of others. Discussing the people you see and the activities that they engage in outside the club without their permission is grounds for revocation of your membership without refund.


Proper Attire is required to enter the club and is strictly enforced. Management has the final word on what is and what is not acceptable and reserves the right to refuse your entry unless you’re dressed accordingly.

For Men, please dress to impress. No sneakers, sandals, ball caps, t-shirts, and shorts. MEN ARE REQUIRED TO WEAR A COLLARED SHIRT. (No Collar No Entry)


NO PHOTOS ALLOWED! For the discretion of our members and their guests, no Cameras, Camera Cell Phones and Recording Devices of any kind are allowed to be used inside the club. Leave them in your bag or your car or they will be confiscated. If you would really like a picture, as the manager on duty and if they can take a picture using your camera without involving anyone else they may do so but it is up to their discretion. If you need to use your phone, please step out to the lobby or utilize our free wifi in the club.


You must be at least 21 years of age to attend any Player’s Club Activities.


Illegal drug use or offering money for sexual favors are two things that will always be grounds for expulsion and may be reported to the police. THERE IS ZERO TOLERANCE FOR THESE ACTIONS…DON”T DO IT!!!


On nights when Single Gents are admitted there will be a limited number of spots available depending on the number of couples and single ladies present. All single men will be required to wear an identifying bracelet. Your membership does not guarantee you entry. ALL single men are required to stay by the bar unless escorted by a single female or couple.


ASK BEFORE YOU TOUCH! No one wants to be groped by someone they don’t know. Ask before you touch or you will be escorted from the club! This includes the staff.